A new kind of soul food experience


First and only Ayurveda experience of its kind in NYC

Bhagavat Life is a nonprofit based in New York's East Village.
Our work aims to connect holistic living to everyday life.

Heart To Table Dinners

Treat yourself to a delectable all-natural, seasonal and fresh four-course Ayurvedic dinner, served in a charming atmosphere, where nutritious soul food meets hearty conversation with inspiring New Yorkers for a simply blissful Friday night.

Cooking Classes

Join a group of like-minded people in the East Village to explore the art of cooking incredibly tasty and healthy food! In these classes you will learn a variety of dishes, flavors, utensils, smells, and colors to make your life better. You'll most certainly walk away finding your kitchen a comfortable and inspiring place!


Every successful event ends with good food! From a simple four-dish menu to a ten-item feast, we work with you to create meals of freshly cooked, healthy and delicious vegetarian food for your gatherings. We have catered weddings, Eileen Fisher corporate events, the Art of Living Foundation, yoga workshops, and more.

Private Experiences

Bring your group into our charming East Village spacious loft for a one of a kind experience with food tailored to meet your needs.

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