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Culinary Workshop- Sept 2017



Fundementals of Ayurvedic Cooking, A New Relationship with Food.

Ayurveda's Principles of Using Food for Healing


Taught by Divya Alter.


Many people are asking me to teach a class on the fundamental knowledge behind Ayurvedic cooking. It's the knowledge you need before you roll up your sleeves to cook--how to select seasonal ingredients that a right for you, how to combine to enhance (not upset) digestion and with what spices, and how to eat your food to get most out of its nutrition.


Topics covered:  

  • Is All Healthy Food Healthy for You?
  • A Personalized Approach for Eating: Are you Mostly Airy, Fiery, or Earthy?
  • Connecting Your Food Choices with Your Digestion
  • Food Qualities vs. Quantity
  • Opposites That Don't Attract: Learning to Mix and Match for Delicious, Digestible Meals
  • Healthy Eating Habits: It's Not Just What You Eat, but How You Eat It

Workshop includes an interactive cooking demo, discussion and a meal. 


Saturday, October 14th, 3pm-6pm. 


$108 for one

$180 for two 


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