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Six Tastes-Flat



The Six Tastes of Food & The Art of Food Compatibility  




Deepen your relationship with food by exploring the Ayurvedic approach to taste and compatibility.



Taught by Divya Alter.


Taste governs the chemistry between the body and the mind. Every substance has its predominant taste, and each taste has specific physical as well as emotional effects on our well-being. 

Through tasting and participatory discussion, you will learn about:

  • The six tastes of food and what foods represent them
  • The physiological and psychological effects of each taste
  • What are the balancing tastes for each dosha
  • How to create balanced meals by incorporating all six tastes 
  • Ayurveda's principles for food compatibility
  • What are good food combinations
  • What are bad food combinations and why
  • How to transition to eating more compatible foods

Workshop includes an interactive cooking demo, discussion and a meal. 


Next Date - TBA


$108 for one

$180 for two 


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