Vegetarian Cooking

Join a group of like-minded people in the East Village to explore the art of cooking incredibly tasty and healthy food! In these classes, you will learn a variety of dishes, flavors, utensils, smells, textures, and colors to make your life better. And you'll most certainly walk away finding your kitchen a more comfortable, useful, and inspiring place, no matter who you are! This approach is based on Ayurveda, the 5,000-year-old tradition of holistic medicine that comes from India. It applies to practically any style of cooking, culture, or circumstance.


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Intro Class

These are one-session classes that introduce you to the art of making delicious easy-to-make vegetarian meals based on Ayurveda. You will gain a basic understanding of:

  • Principles of what makes food healthy or not for you.
  • An overview of how to use spices and make spice mixtures.
  • An introduction into making entrées, soups, desserts, teas, and grain dishes.
  • The secrets of making sure your food is easy to digest and assimilate.
  • Tips on applying Ayurvedic principles to any type of cuisine.
  • Resources to support you in accessing optimal food choices in the grocery store or at restaurants

Each class will combine discussion, participatory cooking demonstrations, and ends with a delicious meal for everyone! As Ayurveda aligns health with the rhythm of the seasons, our intro cooking classes change focus seasonally.

Intro Class – Early Winter Menu

1) Ginger Mint Tea
2) Cabbage & Kale w/ Fresh Tamarind
3) Digestive Dal Soup
4) Rice & Quinoa Pilaf
5) Apple Torte
* Classes are vegan and gluten-free friendly. Please notify us upon registering if you have this need.


Classes are generally available Monday & Wednesday from 6-9pm and Saturday & Sunday from 11am-2pm, 3-6pm or 4-7pm. Three hours is indicated because there is a meal afterwards and people tend to stay over that long. Classes are subject to availability. You must RSVP ahead of time. We recommend registering 1-3 weeks in advance. If someone cancels their registration within 24 hours, they may reschedule or apply the purchase value to another Bhagavat Life event or service. Bhagavat Life does not offer refunds.

All classes take place at our location: 25 1st Ave 5th Floor. Enter the building through the Bhakti Center main doors.

One Person: $100
Two People: $160 instead of $200 (20% off)
If you aleady have a voucher to attend one of our Intro To Vegetarian Cooking simply email us at to register.

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Intro Classes | Seasonal Cooking | The Healthy Vegetarian Class | Other Classes | Testimonials | Gallery | Spring Detox Cooking


Seasonal Cooking Classes

Eating for how you feel-2

Special Winter Series:
What to Eat for How You Feel

This series of hands-on cooking classes will help you determine what foods to eat and how to prepare them based on what kind of a day you’re having. You'll learn to connect your current feelings with recipes and food choices that satisfy both your hunger and your need for well being. The great insight here - the best foods for you vary greatly according to your current feelings. In this series, you'll learn the language of these feelings and the relationship they have with particular foods.

Learning and gradually applying these basic principles will not only help you experience better digestion, but it will make your relationship with food a lot easier.

March Classes
Energizing Recipes for When You Feel Earthy; congested, sluggish, sad, “stuck”.
seasonal-Airy-TumbThese energizing recipes incorporate foods and spices with specific healing benefits, such as cleansing, weight loss, reducing phlegm, overcoming sugar cravings, regulating blood sugar levels. Some of the recipes included are:
  • Spicy Greens, Broccoli Rabe with Sunflower Sauce
  • Bitter Melon “Fries,” Cabbage Supreme
  • Millet and Forbidden Rice, Quinoa Pilaf
  • Spicy Red and Green Sauces
  • Ginger Mint Lime Drink, Spice Nectar
  • Broccoli, Cauliflower and Asparagus
  • Kapha Balancing Khichari w/ Toasted Papadams
  • Pungent Mung Soup
  • Baked Cinnamon Apples, Sesame Sweeties
  • Any many more (16 recipes total)

*We’ll also touch on self-care practices to help build and sustain energy levels, improve slow digestion and eating habits.

Sundays, March 22 and 29, 3-6pm
Register below

One Session - $125
Two Sessions - $225
Each class limited to 12 people. Register today!


Intro Classes | Seasonal Cooking | The Healthy Vegetarian Class | Other Classes | Testimonials | Gallery | Spring Detox Cooking


Spring Detox Cooking

In these cooking classes you'll learn how to prepare delicious and easy-to-make dishes that unlock all the healing forces of spring. According to Ayurveda spring is the season for detoxifying our body to restore the equilibrium of water and earth energies that lubricate and nurture it: Kapha.

You'll work creatively with bitter, pungent and astringent foods, and all nuances of greens, to create a wide variety of soups, drinks, appetizers, entrees, salads and desserts that are so tasty you'll forget they're detoxifying!

Featured dishes include:

  • Moringa soup
  • Springtime Khichari
  • Acid-reducing drink
  • Probiotic papadam
  • Asparagus & daikon radish for kidney detox
  • Tamarind date chutney
  • Bitter melon & taro "fries" for liver detox
  • And MANY more - over 15 dishes!

In this series we will also cover:

  • The 4 types of toxins and why you want to get rid of them
  • The role that circulatory channels - physical and vibrational - play in toxicity, detox and overall health
  • Daily diet and lifestyle suggestions for Spring
Sunday, April 26th & May 3rd, 3-6pm.
Tuesday, April 28th & May 5th, 6-9pm
$125 for one session, $225 for both.

Intro Classes | Seasonal Cooking | The Healthy Vegetarian Class | Other Classes | Testimonials | Gallery | Spring Detox Cooking


Healthy Vegetarian Class

Approachable Ayurveda & The Healthy Vegetarian
Ongoing Winter Series

There is always a way to eat healthier whether you are a vegetarian or thinking to make a healthy transition to a vegetarian diet. Or, even if you don't want to be a vegetarian but want to implement more vegetables in your diet in a way that is tasty, practical, and healthy-this class is for you.

In each session we’ll from the basics to artistry, with the aim of making Ayurvedic cooking practical, relevant and fun. Each class reviews a core tool-kit of Ayurvedic cooking and also teaches how to Ayurved-ize some of our favorite dishes. A special focus will be paid to practical healthy recipes for day-to-day cooking. The class is a great way to consolidate previous cooking lessons with us, or start anew on your path to making healthy cooking happen day to day, and taste good too. Each class menu will be different, but will always include on type of Khitchari (the ultimate one-pot meal), popular entrée for dinners, and two to three practical meal dishes, snacks and side items.

Taught by Michael Burdi & Melanie Alexa
Michael Burdi has been a resident chef with Bhagavat Life for several years. Known for his lively and engaging classes and is penchant on flavor, he brings fresh inspiration to each session. Melanie Alexa is a Natural Gourmet Institute grad who has done permaculture residency in India and New Nezland and ha s a life long mission to set up a permacultre farm-to-table project in Greece. She currently serves as one of Bhagavat Life’s lead cooks.

Tuesday from 6-9pm, March, 24th.

One Session - $95
Each class limited to 12 people. Register today!



Intro Classes | Seasonal Cooking | The Healthy Vegetarian Class | Other Classes | Testimonials | Gallery | Spring Detox Cooking



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