5-Day Cleanse

"After years of really harsh, punitive, deprivation-based cleanses, BVT cleanses were supportive and nourishing--and thorough--in a way I had never experienced."

-Ellen S.



Spring is here and with it brings the perfect opportunity to perform an Ayurvedic cleanse. With our unique 5-day cleanse you have everything arranged for you: 5 deliveries of freshly made cooked foods, with drinks and cleansing herbs, all customized to meet your needs and leave you nourished and satisfied.
Just as the spring sun melts away the snow, the expanding warmth of the season loosens the sticky internal and external chemicals that build up and become "frozen" in the body. These toxins only "melt down" twice a year -- in spring and fall. During these "thaws", we have a unique opportunity to flush out tangled impurities.
We're pleased to offer you the 2015 Spring Cleanse to support this you in this trasition. All details are listed below, along with links for online registration. It would be delightful to have you join!

5-Day Cleanse Includes



  • Personal Health Consultation (via phone): Identify your specific needs and related customizations to foods and protocals.
  • Online Support Group: Interact online with our staff and other participants to share experiences, ask questions, and receive support throughout the cleanse.


Each day, Monday through Friday, you receive a delivery of freshly cooked food designed to support steady and balancd detoxification. Deliveries arrive between 11:45 to 2pm within a 20minute time-frame that we work out together*. On Monday, you also receive your breakfasts and cleansing herbs for the week. All these details and more features of the cleanse are elaborated on below.

Premium Herbs and Probiotics

  • Triphala capsules (2 per day), supports elimination and cleanses the colon (its not a laxative!)
  • Five day supply of probiotic coconut: Provides live dairy-free friendly bacteria, to help restore the normal function of the gut. Delivered to you on the Monday of the cleanse.

Complete Breakfasts

  • Five days supply of apples, dried fruit, and raw (unpasteurized) almonds.
  • Delivered to you on the Monday of the cleanse.

Daily Meal Deliveries, Freshly Made

  • Kitchari: A delicious and hearty stew comprised of rice, special cleansing lentils and vegetables. In India yogis refer to it as: "the food of the gods."
  • Cleansing Veggies: Cooked and seasoned bitter vegetables such as greens and bitter melon (they're tasty!).
  • Chutneys: To support digestion and cleansing
  • Soup: Soothing and healing vegetable soups.
  • Drink: Refreshing and pleasant!
  • Alkaline/Artesian Water: A 32 oz supply of select Alkaline and Artesian water each day.
  • Lunch and dinners for each day are delivered to you, freshly cooked, during lunchtime.

*Deliveries are available south of 120th St. in Manhttan and parts of Western Brooklyn (check with us regarding Brooklyn delivery). There is no extra charge or tips for delivery.


  • On Saturday, to break the cleanse and meet other cleanse participants, join us for a lovely post-cleanse lunch at Bhagavat Life, and transition into a regular diet in style!

*If you have any clinical situation, or have been diagnosed with a disease, please do not detox before consulting with your physician and an Ayurvedic doctor.

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The 5-day cleanse happens during one of several time periods. These cleanses are scheudled by client demand. When signing up, you may choose three possibilities that would work for you and indicate your top preference. We ask that you send in your preferred weeks 2-4 weeks in advance. Then, we wil get in touch with you shortly after of your confirmed week.

Cleanse testimonial
Group 1) April 20 - April 24 with group lunch on Saturday April 25
Group 2) April 27 - May 1 with group lunch on Saturday May 2
- The Saturday lunch is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.  Consider this when choosing what weeks work best for your cleanse.
- If you choose the Pre-Cleanse it happens the preceding week to whichever of these time periods you choose for your 5-day cleanse.
- Each cleansing week is limited to twleve people

5-Day Cleanse
Fee: $570 early bird |  $670 standard
Pre-Cleanse + 5-Day Cleanse
Fee: $790 early bird |  $910 standard
-  Early-bird discount expires March 15th
Fee includes everything: consultation, materials,
food, herbs, deliveries and concluding event.

"They made it easy for me to follow a cleanse without effort.
I felt supported, guided and nurtured!  
I loved it!"
- Patricia H.

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