Healing & Ayurveda

An Experiential Workshop & Lunch

Saturday September 13th, 10am-1pm

  • Learn practical applications for some of the worlds most powerful healing sciences.
  • In a safe and guided environment we will partner up with a friend and practice these therapies on one another.
  • Whether you have a long history in the healing sciences or you've never given or received healing therapies before, this is an easy to apply and deeply relaxing time meant for you!

In this workshop we will learn some of the worlds most powerful(and simple) stress eliminating sciences. Marma pressure points are doorways to processing the unprocessed physical, emotional, and chemical stresses in our body. Come join us in a safe and comfortable environment where no experience is needed to participate. It's guaranteed to put you into a state of blissful relaxation and prepare you for the ayurvedic taste bud experience of a lifetime: the concluding Ayurvedic lunch.

$70 for one person
$100 for two

Taught by Bud Tansey

Specially trained to offer Ayurveda to the western mind and body, Bud is a fine tuned specialist in assisting the removal of stress from one’s body, mind, and life. Trained in an ancient master disciple lineage from India, Bud has become an expert practitioner in one of the world’s most powerful stress eliminating sciences, Marma Therapy. 

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