We specialize in fresh, organic and custom-made cuisine carefully prepared according to Ayurveda, to energize and delight all who eat it. Bhagavat Life specializes in both PRIVATE and CORPORATE events. Previous client groups include Eileen Fischer, The United Nations and Kripalu Center for Yoga.

Catering | Summer Menu


Hors d’oeuvres


  1. Vegetable Mini Pies w/ Tricolor Sauce

    Nutritious mini veggie pies topped with 3-color sauces to perfectly synergize taste and flavor.

  2. Cucumber & Fresh Mozzarella Rolls

    Refreshing cucumber sheets filled with fresh mozzarella and topped with an olive.

  3. Quinoa Tabbouleh

    A harmony of red and white quinoa, summer vegetables and savory spices.

  4. Hummus & Light Cracker

    Freshly made hummus on a thin rice cracker (spice and mild options available).

  5. Almond Crusted Cheese Bites

    Freshly made cheese wrapped with spiced ground almonds and crusted in the oven.


  1. Energy Balls

    Dry fruits and nuts rolled in coconut—rich in minerals and a good source of quick energy.

  2. Almond Rose Delight

    A delightful flan-like dessert made from sprouted almonds, agar agar and rose water; rich in protein and calcium.

  3. Vegan Chocolate Mousse

    With raw cacao, Irish moss, dates, fresh almond milk and coconut oil – the best way to enjoy healthy chocolate!

  4. Vegan Strawberry Mousse

    One bite of this dessert makes you stop everything else and focus on your rejoicing taste buds. Made with fresh strawberries, soaked cashews, fresh almond milk, dates, coconut oil.

  5. Summer Fruit Turnover

    Lightly cooked seasonal fruit wrapped with a crust of whole spelt flour.

  6. Hazelnut Crisped Apricots

    Halved peaches/apricots stuffed with hazelnuts and oats, then baked to golden perfection.


  1. Rehydrating Drink

    A traditional Ayurvedic drink made with fresh lime, mint, raw sugar and a touch of cumin and Himalayan salt to conquer thirst and restore pH levels in the body and reduce acidity.

  2. Coconut Lemonade

    The flesh and water of fresh young coconuts blended with lime and raw sugar—the ultimate cooling drink!

  3. Mango Refresher (Strawberry or Pineapple alterations available)

    Real fruit liquefied with filtered water and flavored with mint, raw sugar and lime—you could drink it all day!

  4. Chilled Thai Chai (refreshing basil beverage)

    This drink is not only delicious but also excellent for digestion—enjoy it with meal and forget about any negative reactions to food!

  5. Hibiscus Drink (chilled)

    This red beverage makes a statement: not only with its rich nutrient properties but also healing benefits, like assisting digestion, lowering blood pressure, etc.

  6. Ginger Ale (freshly made)

    This all-time winner drink is made with the fresh juices of ginger, mint and lime and sweetened with raw sugar—great for digestion, circulation, invigoration.

Hors d' oeuvres Pricing

Ordering options Price per person
12 to 59 people 60 to 149 people 150+
Package 1 Your choice of 1 drink and 3 sweet / savory items $19 $16 $13
Package 2 Your choice of 2 drink and 4 sweet / savory items $27 $24 $21
Package 3 Your choice of 2 drink and 6 sweet / savory items $35 $32 $29

* Small Service Fee added to the total price, for delivery and food service utencils.
** All catering is drop-off only.


Lunch or Dinners

European Table Summer Menu

  1. Seasonal Salad w/ Creamy Cucumber Dressing

  2. Dilled Lentil Soup w/ Vegetable Noodles

  3. Poppy Seed Rice (basmati)

  4. Zucchini & Paneer Cubes w/ Toasted Almonds

  5. Pineapple Lemonade (freshly made)

  6. Strawberry Mousse (vegan, raw)

American Table Summer Menu

  1. Farmers Market Salad w/ Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Edible Flowers and Peppery Avocado Dressing (or optional paneer cheese cubes)

  2. Steamed/Roasted Vegetables w/ Fresh Herbs Sauce

  3. Colorful Grains (basmati rice, red quinoa, wild rice)

  4. Sauteed Seasonal Greens w/ Slivered Almonds (or optional paneer cheese cubes)

  5. Hibiscus Drink (chilled)

  6. Fruit Turnover

International Table Summer Menu

  1. Steamed Cauliflower & Green Beans in Fresh Coconut Sauce

  2. Rice & Red Quinoa Pilaf

  3. Cucumber & Fresh Mozzarella Rolls

  4. Kale Tabbouleh Salad

  5. Fresh Basil Limeade

  6. Hazelnut Crisped Peaches

Italian Table Summer Menu

  1. Arugula, Radicchio and Fennel Salad w/ Olive Dressing

  2. Green Risotto

  3. Steamed Green Beans, Broccoli & Yellow Squash w/ Italian Herb Sauce

  4. Almond Crusted Cheese Sticks w/ Basil-Parsley Pesto

  5. Ginger Ale (freshly made)

  6. Chocolate Mousse (vegan, raw)

Indian Table Summer Menu

  1. Mixed Vegetable Curry

  2. Dilled Basmati Rice

  3. Cheese Cutlets w/ Cilantro Cashew Chutney

  4. Carrots & Beets Slaws w/ Curry Leaf Dressing

  5. Rehydrating Drink

  6. Almond Rose Delight

Lunch or Dinners Pricing

Ordering options Price per person
12 to 59 people 60 to 149 people 150+
Four dishes in the menu of your choice $29 $27 $25
Five dishes in the menu of your choice $34 $32 $29
Six dishes in the menu of your choice $39 $37 $34

* Small Service Fee added to the total price, for delivery and food service utencils.
** All catering is drop-off only.


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